MCS Kitchens Baths & More, Inc: The Best Choice among all the General Contractors here in Oakville

Even before the official establishment of MCS Kitchen Baths & More, Inc in 2015, we already had prior experience in the home improvement industry. Our exposure to this kind of job dates back in 1962 when David, the company owner, started offering his handyman services for the people of the community. After more than five decades of providing exceptional service, we have already secured a name among the leading contractors here in Oakville, ON.

David started working in this industry as a 20-year-old handyman for the people of his hometown. The skills and knowledge that he needed to pursue this career was passed down from his father. Since then, more and more people have always relied on David to provide his services and in no time, he was already running a steady business as a home improvement service provider. With the help of his two sons, one of them is a mechanical engineer, David then decided to officially start this company a few years ago.

Excellent workmanship and complete customer satisfaction this is the overall mission that we have as a company and we always make sure to uphold this from the start to the completion of every project. This is the reason why we always strive to provide exceptionally qualified outputs for our clients. Through our open communication with our clients, close attention to detail, and our skills which have already been through the tests of time, we are always confident that our customers are fully happy and satisfied. This is the reason why our clients always come back to us whenever they need our services again.

To know more information about us and the services that we offer as a general contractor here in Oakville, ON, please feel free to browse through our SERVICES page. You can also call or email us directly through the contact information at the bottom of this page.

“Quality is like buying clean fresh oats. However, if you’ll prefer oats that have already passed through the horse, that comes significantly cheaper.”

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